The 2012 Shoot Out series competition consists of four 18-hole qualifying tournaments and 36-hole championship tourney to determine the winner of the "2012 San Miguel Seniors Shoot Out Cup". You may choose to play in only one or all of the four qualifying tournaments. However, the more qualifying tournaments in which you compete, the better your chances to earn an invitation to the final championship tourney at year-end.
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If you are not rated you may place yourself by reading below and determining which level best represents your playing abilities.
A. Begin with 1.5. Read all categories carefully and then decide which one best describes your present ability
level. Be certain that you qualify on all points of all preceding levels as well as those in the level you choose.
B. When rating yourself assume you are playing against a player of the same gender and the same ability.
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Also known as Club Deportivo, the facilities include a weight room with treadmill, weight equipment and stationary bikes, 25-meter semi-Olympic covered heated (83 degree F) pool. Lockers, showers and steam rooms. Spinning room for classes. Open since July 2000.
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Nothing can replace fútbol – known here as soccer- as the most popular sport in Mexico, but baseball comes in a strong second. From Tijuana to Tampico, in the large cities and the smallest villages, you find ballparks. Some are impressive stadiums with manicured grass, many more are just dirt fields where corn used to grow. No one really knows when the game of baseball was first played in Mexico. A popular theory has the first evidence of play dating back to the U.S. – Mexican War, when idle American soldiers played near the town of Xalapa, Veracruz, in 1847. Other towns make the same claim; that the soldiers first played around that time in their town, so, quién sabe?
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One of the most popular sports in Mexico is futbol, also known as soccer in other countries. The sport involves moving a ball towards a goal on one side of the field, while the opposing team tries to steal the ball and block it from reaching the goal. There are sveral leagues in town. San Miguel has its own third division soccer team but most of the town plays on private leagues and well as indoor soccer leagues.
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Local Basquetaball leagues are played in the premises of "Benito Juarez" park. A Tradition that is been in town for more tha 60 years. Tournaments are tipicaly played once a year for men and women play 2 tournaments during one year. Teams are basiclly founded by friends that know each other since they were kids, a lot of players have been known to play in other cities as they are invited because of their skills, it is alson known of one player who is playing in the main National Basketball League his name "Erik Hare" known in the basketball areas in town and other states where he has played. Basketball in San Miguel has changed more each year and we are hopping that it will be for the best. If poeple would like toparticipate in teams they are more than welcome.
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   wOw San Miguel, first dedicate search engine in San Miguel de Allende

National Monument
National Monument
February 4

Every year, many wealthy Mexicans, Americans and Canadians visit San Miguel de Allende in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. With its many high-class restaurants and a thriving arts scene, San Miguel de Allende also attracts numerous expatriates and retirees. Though some may consider the city more a theme park than a living, breathing town, echoes of Mexico's past fill San Miguel de Allende's cobblestone streets and colonial buildings in this national monument. In its designation of San Miguel de Allende as a World Heritage Site, UNESCO noted that San Miguel's religious and civic buildings include "masterpieces of the style that evolved in the transition from Baroque to neoclassical." Offering up cobblestone streets, colorful facades and glimpses into lush courtyards, San Miguel is what Frommer's calls "a walker's paradise."

Tourist attractions
Tourist attractions
February 4

There are craft stores everywhere, a variety of fine restaurants and hotels of singular beauty, Find a number of tourist attractions such as:
* Main Garden. Location sanmiguelenses meeting, surrounded by beautiful old buildings and sites of the eighteenth century.
* The Parish. Construction majestic late nineteenth century, the work of master mason Zeferino Gutierrez. The neo-Gothic façade.
* City Hall. Built in 1736. You can admire a painting of the Constitution of the First Council of Independent Mexico (Sept. 17, 1810).
* Centro Cultural Ignacio Ramirez "The Necromancer". Ex convent of nuns concepcionistas. Today it is a cultural center where classes in painting, drawing, sculpture, among others. You can admire a mural by David Alfaro Siqueiros.
* Temple de la Concepción (The Nuns). Construction began in 1755 and ended in 1891. You can admire the collection of paintings by Rodriguez Juárez.
* Teatro Angela Peralta. The building style is neoclassical. It opened on May 20, 1873 with a performance of the opera singer Angela Peralta.
* Public Library. Beautiful building of colonial times. Currently ranked second in the country as a bilingual library.
* Temple of Our Lady of Health. Beautiful building of the eighteenth century, its facade is Churrigueresque. Inside guarding oil paintings with religious themes.
* Civic Plaza. Esplanade was built in honor of General Ignacio Allende and San Francisco Unzaga.Templo. Beautiful grounds of the eighteenth century, located in a small square. The facade is Churrigueresque and inside neoclassical paintings can be seen on the death of San Francisco.
* Instituto Allende. Manor house in mid-eighteenth century, country mansion was Don Manuel Tomás de la Canal. Today's school of arts and languages.
* Paseo del Chorro. Shading and murmuring instead of springs, which promoted the indigenous settlement in the region, calling them "Itzcuinapan".

Spas in San Miguel
Spas In San Miguel
February- 9

In San Miguel Spas we pride ourselves on offering the best care for our guests. Please see our company policies and procedures described below. Our policies have been designed to ensure you enjoy a truly peaceful and relaxing visit with us.
They'll take a peek at the treatments and therapies you can find behind the doors, We can diagnose exactly what your skin needs and prescribe the ideal treatment.
Imagine an oasis amid the high-desert landscape set in the heart of Mexico.... that's the magic of San Miguel de Allende's nearby thermal springs. You'll find an abundance of hot springs within 15 minutes of the center of San Miguel each with a unique setting and features. There are more of this, with diferentes promotions and prices, you can look for more information about another places , this is one that san Miguel has, but you can know more than one.

San Miguel De Allende
San Miguel de Allende Mexico has never felt better I have seen some perfect days but today is just a smashing day to live in Mexico.
Casa Schuck is beaming with beauty.
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